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Six-Star Wellbeing has partnered with ACER and developed surveys through psychology practice, theory and research that are designed to provide you with valuable information about your students or staff.


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use the Six-Star Survey

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Six-Star Student

Measuring student wellbeing is critical as students with high levels of well-being are more motivated, display greater levels of engagement and academic achievement. Higher well-being is also associated with fewer mental, emotional, and behavioural concerns.

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"We use the wellbeing survey as an important tool in understanding and managing individual and student cohort wellbeing"
Phillip Whelan
Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Vic

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Six-star Organisation

Well being is essential in the workplace. It facilitates collaboration, engagement and performance. Positive factors associated with well-being include lower absence, reduced stress and disengagement, increased commitment, punctuality, and increased retention. Research shows that implementing well-being programs provide positive financial returns for organisations. Additionally, well-being in the workplace can assist performance and success of the organisation, including enhanced culture and attracting quality staff.

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Student Help-Seeking and Proactive Wellbeing Development

Anthony Klarica - August 2020

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Organisational Culture

Anthony Klarica - August 2020

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Staff Wellbeing and Engagement

Anthony Klarica - August 2020

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1-199 1-199 people - unlimited surveys per person over a
12 month period
$10 per person
200-499 200-499 people - unlimited surveys per person over a
12 month period
$7.50 per person
500-799 500-799 people - unlimited surveys per person over a
12 month period
$5 per person
800+ Please contact ACER for pricing or to arrange a
12 month license
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